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Global Food Production



Global Food Production

Leon Jahae`s Vision Of The Future Of Global Food Production.

Despite the fact that I am a Top Fruit Advisor working on mainland Europe and the UK, my per...

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"Leon Jahae Top Fruit Consultancy" is a partnership between Leon Jahae and his wife Mariete Jahae providing expert services to the agricultural sector.

Leon was born in the South East of the Netherlands (South Limburg), the so called "Euro Region", 20 kilometres away from the Belgian border and about 12 kilometres away from the German border.

Leon Jahae specializes in advising Top Fruit Growers in the United Kingdom (including Northern Ireland) and Central Europe.

I am an independent Top Fruit Adviser this allows me to offer advice that is based on own opinion and judgement, backed up by research I feel confident about. The company has an international network of connections that allows it to be up to date with the latest developments in the industry.

Next to advising Top Fruit Growers, "Leon Jahae Top Fruit Consultancy" assists in establishing links between producers organisations and retailers as well as setting up links between manufacturers of products associated with the fruit industry and distributors.

Advice to growers covers all aspects of apple and pear production as well as covering stone fruit growing, including all facets of cherry and plum production.

In the UK, my services regarding Top Fruit Growing are solely available through Agrovista UK.

Any of my services outside the UK and UK services not aimed at Top Fruit Growers are available directly through "Leon Jahae Top Fruit Consultancy".